HYPOLINK Village Resort, Palma Rima Junction, Bertil Harding Highway, Kololi, Gambia. Tel: Gambia 0788 9883 UK 07444 337 980. Book Now!


HYPOLINK is the social hub for celebrity performances on stage.

All major sporting events can be seen at the bar on flatscreen TV’s.

Guests can take lessons in Adobe block making and Building.

Book a holistic revitalising treatment at our treatment centre

with “Magic Touch” .



can make provide tours to fit your needs. Please enquire at reception.
At present we have the following Tours:

City Tour
Roots Tour
South Gambia
Secluded Beach Day

Market Shopping and Cooking
Tailor Made Tours

Kachikally Museum /Gambian National Museum
Crocodile Pool
Arch 22
MacCarthy Island
River Gambia National Park

Gambia Attractions

Kunta Kinteh Island
George Town
Monkey Park
Snake Farm
Aboku Nature Reserve
Lamin Lodge

HYPOLINK Village Resort is a favourite for special events,
particularly at the weekend.

Activities not to be missed are
weekly exercise classes ,excursions , open air Movie nights.