HYPOLINK Village Resort, Palma Rima Junction, Bertil Harding Highway, Kololi, Gambia. Tel: Gambia 0788 9883 UK 07444 337 980. Book Now!



Matthew Hypolite the owner was born on the cusp of Virgo and Libra in the Spice Island of Grenada during its worst ever hurricane hence his nickname Stormy. He came to England in his early years and grew up in SW6 Fulham. He is very creative with a “just do it” can do attitude he studies and working life has been in the arts, music, property and community development.

He discovered Gambia in 2005 and purchase what is now HYPOLINK Village during his first two weeks on holiday.

He was overwhelmed by the beauty of the location. It had been closed for many years and therefore developed wonderful vegetation in a natural manner.

The resort was fully developed, designed and built by Matthew with local workers a learning experience for everyone. They all Acquiring new skills, working techniques with new materials and building in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

The work was phased over the years during his travels back and forth from London to the Gambia as follows;

1.Redevelopment of existing accommodation to provide three floors.
2.Matthews visit to India to study Adobe blocks and building techniques.
3.Designing and build of 9 shop unit utilising side entrance to the beach road.
4.Building of a Dome restaurant stage venue and bars.
5.Completion of accommodation to use.
6.Design and building of swim up bar swimming pool.
7.Staffing, training and opening of all facilities in 2017.

HYPOLINKs policy has always been to develop and maintain the sites wonderful tranquillity and environment in order to share with others this harmonious feeling.

For Matthew this has been an epic grand design a Labour of Love a great learning experience in a testing climate for which he is continually giving thanks to the almighty.

Thank you for taking the time to understand