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Working Holidays

Working holidays
Adobe block making and building

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WORKING HOLIDAY at HYPOLINK will give you the opportunity to learn first hand how to make and build with Adobe blocks. Details on dates and program can be obtained from the booking link below or call admin free on WhatsApp +220 788 9883 or +44 (0)7752 151 551. Alternatively, email hypolinkvillage@gmail.com.

HYPOLINK Village Resort uses Abode compress earth blocks on 80% of the buildings and structures on site. Matthew Hypolite the owner travelled and studied in India in order to develop the skills necessary to make these remarkable blocks and structures . All the above photos are taken at HYPOLINK.


These are blocks made from a combination of good soil, gravel, sand, silt, clay, cement or lime.

We use The Auram 3000 which is the best manual compressed earth block press machine in the world. The Auram Press 3000 can produce more than 15 different shapes of blocks.

What are the benefits from using Adobe?

Environmentally Friendly
Compressed earth blocks have the lowest embodied energy of any building material and create structures that are superior in energy efficiency.

The oldest structures in the world are made from dirt. This age old building technology has been taken and made it easier and more efficient to construct.

Reduces Construction Costs
Using the soils found on site reduces the transportation costs and the building system uses 85% less cement than concrete block or brick construction.